Looking after your WordPress Website

Looking after your WordPress Website

Your website is the World’s window to your business, it’s your online business partner working for you 24/7. 

You worked hard writing the content and getting the design of your beautiful new WordPress website just right. You’ve launched it and now it’s busy promoting your business and services to your target audience!

But do you look after your website?

To keep it safe, secure and performing perfectly here are a few simple maintenance tasks that I recommend scheduling into your diary:

Weekly or Monthly Backups

The most important task for peace of mind is to create a regular backup of your website.

You invested your time and money creating your website, so if there’s ever a problem with it or your host, it’s good to know you can reinstall the latest copy of your backup and get your website back up and running quickly.

There are several WordPress plugins that you can use to create a backup of your website, my favourite is All-in-One WP Migration.

This plugin exports your entire WordPress website including the database, media files, plugins and themes with no technical knowledge required.

You can quickly and easily save the backup to your files, and upload your website to a different location if necessary.

Weekly or Monthly updates to WordPress, Themes and Plugins

You’ll notice in your WordPress dashboard that your plugins, theme, and even WordPress itself, require updating from time to time.

These updates could be to:

  • Introduce new features
  • Improve performance
  • Update bug fixes and improve security
  • Maintain compatibility

It’s important to install these updates regularly so your website stays secure and up to date.

I always recommend backing up your website before installing any updates, just to be on the safe side, then double-checking that your website is working correctly after.

Occasionally an update might cause an issue, however, ignoring the updates is more likely to cause an issue sooner or later.

Weekly or Monthly Malware Scan

You may have heard of Malware (malicious software) infecting computers? Unfortunately, it can also be used to damage and infect websites! 

Prevention is better than cure so it’s a good idea to regularly scan your website for Malware.

There are several plugins available that will scan and protect your website, my preferred option is Wordfence:

To check if your website, or another website you want to visit, has been compromised with malware or phishing content, have a look at Google’s Safe Browsing Site Status.

Periodic Performance Checks and Optimisation

You might notice that over time your website pages are taking longer to load, or you may not be getting as many enquiries as you used to, or you might have found that your bounce rate is high.

Monitoring your website page load speeds regularly will highlight if there’s a problem so you can solve it quickly.

GTmetrix can tell you how fast your website loads and it offers actionable advice on how you can optimise your website.

Content Check and Update

Finally, it’s good housekeeping to regularly check and update the content on your website. Is it still relevant? Do all the links still work?

Moderate any comments that have come in from your blog and delete any spam.

Keep adding new engaging content that showcases your expertise and is useful for your potential customers. You don’t want visitors to your website seeing out of date information, plus the Google algorithm notices if new content has been added to your website, so it will also help with your page rankings.

Look after your website, keep it safe, updated and current and it will keep working for you for many years!

If you’d like help maintaining your website drop me a line at maggie@reddogva.co.uk.

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